If you want warm sun, sandy beaches, tropical drinks and festive nightlife, look no further than the Caribbean! Hop from island to island, and explore all the unique attractions of both. Snorkel the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea; relax in a resort nestled in jungle forest and soak up the sun on the sandy white beaches.

Dominican Republic

After you relax on the miles and miles of beautiful beaches, take time to explore the marine parks, wildlife reserves and even do a little fine jewelry shopping. The DR is renowned for their amber.


Jamaica is all about the water. From beaches and rivers to waterfalls and caves, you’ll feel right at home in your sandals and bathing suit.

Turks & Caicos

Feed your need for adventure and activity! From sand and surf to resort golfing, beach horseback riding and spelunking, Turks & Caicos is perfect for thrill-seekers.

St. Barts

St. Barthelemy, better known as St. Barts, offers a unique blend of European sophistication, natural beauty and relaxed island charm. Crystal clear waters and colorful architecture make this a picture-perfect destination.